Vacation is a perfect time to make sure your business isn’t too owner-centric

A fun test to see if your business is owner-centric

Business owners are workaholics – that’s not a news flash.

But even business owners need

Envision. Plan. Achieve.
Own your Success(ion) – begin exit or succession planning to achieve your Life Beyond Business.

time to relax, reconnect with family and friends, and get a fresh perspective.

AND, businesses need to be able to operate successfully without the boss’ constant presence.

Businesses that are too owner-centric have limited value both now and when the owner is eventually ready to transition out of the business.

Logically, if the business can’t run without you, why would a buyer want it? The potential buyer needs confidence that the business can continue to succeed under his/her leadership after you’ve left to enjoy your Life Beyond Business.™ Your employees are the link between past and future success – they know what to do and how to do it.

Take a vacation and allow your employees to prove that they can handle business as usual.

You might even be surprised by some of their ideas and problem-solving techniques.

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