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We Offer Premium Business Broker Service & Are A St. Louis Company


Metro Business Brokers is a group of St. Louis-based company of brokers focusing on the personal trading of recognized companies throughout a range of markets within the state of Missouri.

Metro’s Brokers differ from all other business brokers in St. Louis because we take the utmost pride in the representation of our customers. We aim to get rid of the confusion and tension from purchasing or offering a company. At Metro, we have the experience, understanding, and business relationships needed to offer you discreet, full-service professionalism through every action of the deal. Your success is our success.

Purchasing a company is more than simply the look for a bargain, so we train our St. Louis business brokers to assist you in discovering a company that satisfies your monetary requirements along with your experience level. We understand exactly what it requires to discover the ideal company while optimizing your financial investment dollars.

Our Premier Business Brokers are likewise an outstanding resource for business owners and company purchasers who look for to obtain an independently held business and require a company broker in or around the St. Louis location to manage all the information, large or small. We understand the procedure that enters into purchasing a company can be prolonged and lengthy. It’s our task to be there from the primary steps of identifying your purchasing criteria, all the way through the last actions of sealing the deal.

If you’re aiming to offer your St. Louis-based business, our brokers will assist you in all stages of the selling procedure, from valuing your organization and preparing it for sale, to in fact offering it, in complete confidence, and at the very best possible cost. Our Premier group stands out at discovering customers an economically certified purchaser for their company, reality, or both. If the time is right to open the equity in your company, call us. We bring certified purchasers to the table.

As St. Louis’s go-to company business brokers, we at Metro comprehend exactly what it considers business owners to be successful– we have actually organized funding, performed growth strategies and cost of earnings. Our Business Brokers understand the St. Louis market. Our costs are cost effective and we do not have the high overhead of a franchise business, nor do we deal with volume and quotas. Metro is devoted to guaranteeing a smooth shift for all our customers.

Please search our existing current business listings and call us with any concerns. Although we’re a St. Louis-based company brokers, we represent all cities of Missouri.



Metro Business Advisors are St. Louis Business Brokers who assist small business owners with the most significant financial transaction of their lives: the imminent transfer, merger or sale of your business.  As mergers & acquisitions specialists headquartered in St. Louis,  outlining and performing successful transitions for owners is our job. We are not just a typical St.Louis business broker; we form real relationships to help owners each mark of the way, with a foundation of professionalism and our experience as business owners. We assist owners of businesses with revenues up to $20 million by providing market business valuations, exit or succession planning, value-building services, and preparing and marketing businesses for sale.

Buying or selling a company is not an easy process. We understand the significant, terrifying aspects of this transition inside and out and know how to get the highest value for your life’s work to support your dreams – whether that means retirement or investing in another business. While you continue to concentrate on managing your business, Metro provides you to reach the next phase of your life. We coordinate the efforts of your attorney, accountant, banker and other team members to make sure we are all working together for your benefit.

Our priority is helping you reach your goals for your Life Beyond Business.™


The Selling Stage

The Metro Process: What We Need to Sell your Business.
Following the initial inquiry regarding listing your business for sale, a Broker will meet with you in person or by phone, to discuss our services and answer any questions you may have.  After the meeting, assuming that there is adequate trust and understanding between us and, you would like to continue with our services, the following is the summary of our five stage systematic and methodical, 189 point check process:

Stage One – Business MPSP Appraisal/Valuation
The Most Probable Selling Price (A valuation fee applies to this portion – Please enquire for details and cost)

Stage Two – Market and Due diligence Preparation
This is where we prepare your business for sale analyzing your business, market, industry and a host of other points both historical and futuristic in order to favorably present your business to a qualified buyer in the best possible light. Naturally, this is all done in a confidential environment. At this stage we also collect and review all of the “Back Up” documentation that will be required in the Due diligence stage.

Stage Three – Marketing
This is where we pro-actively market your business and bring an offer or competing offers to the table in order to confidentially sell your business in the shortest period of time and for the best and most realistic price.

Stage Four – Offer and Due Diligence
Using criteria matching techniques, we prepare and negotiate the Offer for maximum value and best fit. Once accepted, we also manage the Buyer due diligence process in order to successfully avoid the pitfalls experienced by a large number of transactions as well as other brokers and intermediaries out there.

Stage Five – Closing
This is the final stage of the process where we fully manage all aspects of this stage including such advisors as lawyers and accountants ensuring that we bring the transaction to a successful close.


Valuation Fee
We charge a valuation fee for the valuation report outlining the Most Probable Selling Price (MPSP) in our Stage One process. We have 3 fee levels. You may discuss the fee with your broker to determine the fee applicable to you. The valuation fee is independent from the Transaction Fee paid for the sale of your business and, is pre-set based on our fee structure and payable at the engagement of our services. Should you decide thereafter to engage our listing services, we will apply 50% of the fee against commissions earned depending on the fee level structure.

Most Probable Selling Price
We will work with you to confidentially complete the normalization of the financial information enabling us to provide a reasonable and critical assessment of the MPSP and provide our opinion of Value based on various methodologies, your specific knowledge of the business, current market conditions, future growth potential and opportunity etc. This process could take up to two weeks depending on the complexity of the business and details and accuracy of financials provided.

Occasionally owners will have unrealistic expectations regarding the value of their business. It is important to realize that the market will ultimately determine the actual selling price, which may or may not have a relationship to the asking price. At times, utilizing independent business valuators may assist in the process of marketing the business. The broker can advise when and if such applies and even direct you to the required professionals to provide such third party independent valuation. Buyers are motivated by both the reason the business is for sale and by the right price being presented. They will not pay for improbable opportunities that are without substance.

If you are comfortable with the Most Probable Selling Price produced, the broker will then move the process to Stage Two as outlined above.

During the First Stage of our process in determining the MPSP as well as our Stage Two in producing the marketing package, we may call you to obtain additional information or discuss pertinent issues in order to ensure all details have been considered.

During this time, it is essential that you fully cooperate with us in order to successfully get to the desired sale of your business. Successfully selling your Business requires your full cooperation and commitment to the process and work required from all parties concerned.

Metro Business Advisors Brokers are highly experienced in the areas of business financing. Our expertise will be invaluable in helping negotiate an agreement that works for you.

Overcoming many obstacles to find a fair and agreeable deal, a business broker is instrumental in turning problems created by lawyers, accountants, landlords, advisors including family and friends as well as buyers into creative solutions, keeping your best interests in mind.


What’s Next? Contact Us

The next step is to reach out and either e-mail or call me for a St. Louis Business Broker (or anywhere in Missouri). It’s important that you prepare your business to be sold and the work done by someone like myself who knows what they’re doing or you’re just going to be spinning your wheels. Don’t let the larger firms suck you in with their marketing skills to leave you with subpar results (if any).

I mention that I can help you no matter where you happen to be located. That’s part of the beauty of this business! We can confer by Skype, private webinars – just like conference calls – and, of course, by phone and e-mail. One of the things my clients love and look forward to most is our monthly update webinars where we share our computer screens with one another. For my local clients, we do arrange to meet in person, although once we have met a few times, they, too are happy to meet online since time is money, and using the online meeting tools can help save all of us both!

And remember, I’m more than happy to work on your business even if you are unhappy with your current business broker – but be aware that I will need to conduct that initial analysis that I mentioned earlier to ensure that there has been no irreparable damage done by any previous work that you may have had done when they marketed your business), or I can replace what they have by building you a totally new one, and THEN work on getting your business sold! Again, there are so many strategies that guys like me have in our “toolbelts.”

Let me see how I can help you.

Let me be your “guy” for St. Louis Business Brokers so that you can get your business the exposure that it deserves. I look forward to working with you!



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