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When you are looking for funding to purchase a business, get a line of credit, or get a loan for your established business, our advisors will walk you through the funding process. When you walk into traditional financial institutions, you are putting faith into your commercial lender to get a loan approved by their loan committee. A commercial loan officer is essentially just a salesperson. In contrast, our advisors do not just go to one, two or three local financial institutions to get you a loan, they go to several financial institutions around the United States looking for the right bank to get you the funding you need to buy a business. 

There is a misconception that using a banking broker will cost you more in terms of the loan. But that simply isn't true.

A broker will actually get you the best possible rate and have banks competing for small business loans  

Do you go to just one car dealer, or do you go to several that offer the same car? Chances are you go to several because you want the best deal.  That is what our loan consultants do on your behalf.


There are many benefits of using our service

We Know How to Communicate your Business' Strengths

No Middle Man; We Go to the Decision Makers

We Know How To Structure A Deal for Your Benefit

As Past Business Owners, We Understand Loan Structures

Consulting Services for Small Business Financing

An SBA Loan is one of the best ways to purchase a business.  The Small Business Administration offers a variety of loan programs that are tailored for specific purposes.

Getting a loan to buy a franchise can be very challenging. Our loan consultants and brokers can help you get funding to buy a franchise. We know several banks who like to loan on the Franchise Model.

Get the proper financing for your large asset purchases, such as equipment. It is important to have proper funding for your equipment to maximize your business' efficiency.

When your business is ready to purchase a building, warehouse, or investment property, the proper loan can save you thousands of dollars in interest.

Our banking consultants can help you find short-term funding when you need to "bridge" your finances between two transactions. Bridge loans can be helpful when buying and selling new equipment, property, or buying a business.

If you have exhausted all of your resources, our team of loan consultants can find private investors to help you get your business off the ground or to get a company out of a tough financial situation. 

Small Business Loans

Meet with a loan consultant after you have submitted an LOI to buy a business. Or call us to meet with a banking consultant if you need a commercial loan. Our loan brokers will learn about your needs and work with our business brokers to assemble your story to present to our network of banks. 

Get all of your financial information together so we can put together a complete package to present to the banks. The loan consultant will need at least:

  • 3 years of your personal tax returns
  • 3 years of business tax returns
  • income statements and balance sheets
  • accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • a personal financial statement
  • your resume
  • the LOI and your business plan
  • This may seem like a lot of information to assemble, but the fact of the matter is, you are asking for money to start a business, buy a business, or help your current business. Providing a comprehensive picture of your situation will help the broker find the best rate for you.

At your initial meeting, you will receive a checklist of information needed to get the process moving. Our goal is to get you the funding as fast as possible.

SBA loans

Sit down with your consultant and review the presentation we have put together to present to the banks.  Once you approve the package, our consultants will go to work and get you the funding needed to buy a business or improve your business. 

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