Business Valuations

“What is my business worth?”

Knowing the realistic Market Value of your Business is Critical

A comprehensive business valuation can provide a solid foundation for your decisions.

Your current and future business strategies will impact you, your business, AND your Life Beyond Business™

Learning the accurate, objective value of your business helps you:

  • Manage your business by making informed, strategic decisions (for example, when considering capital improvements)
  • Prepare for business continuity and estate planning
  • Plan for your eventual exit from your business

A typical business valuation by a Metro Business Advisor is an affordable, comprehensive, objective assessment based upon multiple methods and industry statistics. The emotional aspects tied to the business are taken out of the equation, for a true picture of the company’s market value.

Find out what your business is really worth when using a business valuation firm...and what you can do to increase that value.

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Knowledge is power…and money!

Future business decisions involving assessment of risk can best be supported with FACTS provided by a professional market valuation.

Balancing potential risk against the known value of the business is powerful information when weighing options.

How do we get started? Use this checklist to begin gathering the information we’ll need to find out what your business is worth.

Armed with this knowledge sooner rather than later, you will be ready to envision, plan and achieve your future success and your Life Beyond Business.™

Learn more about market valuations AND how to increase your business value

7 Reasons you NEED to know your Business’ Market Value

Knowledge is power…and money!

Find out your business’ market value before making any of the following decisions:


  1. Making a capital improvementWill the return on investment justify the expense in relation to your business’ overall value?
  2. Expanding your business footprintDoes the increased production exceed the cost per square foot for expansion?
  3. Hiring more employeesWhat is your cost per employee vs. production per employee?
  4. Adding another location – How do the additional overhead costs compare to any synergies or reduced distribution costs if you add a location?
  5. Diversifying products/servicesWhich current products/services are responsible for your largest margins? Is that market stable, growing or declining? Are there related high-margin opportunities?
  6. Investing more in marketing What percentage of your business’ value are you comfortable investing in marketing?
  7. Retiring soon vs. working longerCan the market value of your business support your plans for your Life Beyond BusinessTM? Or is there a value gap?

Knowing the value of your business is critical when managing current and future issues that will impact your business, your employees, and your Life Beyond Business. TM


Metro provides an affordable, comprehensive look at the true value of your business - as an owner, you need this tool.

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