Advisory Services

for Buyers

Metro Business Advisors offers Buyer Advisory Services to prospective buyers. If you're considering pursuing an opportunity, put our expertise and experience to work for you. Metro’s brokers can help you analyze the business opportunity, regardless of the business type or location, to avoid many of the common missteps to buying a business.

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The business assessment includes

  • Analysis of materials provided by seller
  • Business valuation range based on market comparable
  • Examination of intangible business factors
  • Historical performance analysis
  • Interview with seller if warranted
  • Identification of follow up questions for seller
  • Due Diligence strategic plan
  • Loan capacity assessment & referral to niche, conventional, or SBA lenders
  • Negotiation strategy discussion from buyer’s perspective

Manage your risks and costs

  • Benefits provided by our analysis:

    • Determine if an opportunity is worth pursuing
    • Identify potential issues before acquisition
    • Outline important questions to ask the seller
    • Make an educated decision as a buyer
    • Save time & be more efficient throughout the purchase process
    • Reduce negotiation legal fees by making effective, realistic, and fair offer
    • Explore creative ways to structure a deal

Buying a business is a life-changing decision

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We can advise on a business buyer search.

Pricing is dependent on the size and scope of the evaluation. Minimum fee: $1,500.

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