Business value increases if it can run smoothly without the owner’s daily involvement

Business Value declines with Owner Dependence

Any credible mergers and acquisitions specialist or business broker

Set Sail to your Life Beyond Business
Set Sail to your Life Beyond Business

will tell you that your business must be able to run without you to be valuable to potential buyers or successors. Owner dependence is a red flag to buyers.

Don’t wait until you’re ready to walk out the door, to increase your business value

…by preparing your managers and your processes to handle your company now. A strong leadership team and well-documented policies and procedures mean that business as usual can happen when you are not on-site.

You may even be surprised that some of your employees rise to the occasion with problem-solving skills and abilities that haven’t previously been recognized for the good of the company.

Companies that perform well without their owner present for extended periods – 60 to 90 days or more – are 50 percent more likely to get an offer to be acquired when compared to more owner-dependent businesses. This is a solid, strategic step toward meaningful succession planning.

There is no better justification for taking a blissful, uninterrupted holiday than to see how your company performs in your absence.

The better your company runs without you, the more valuable it will be when you’re eventually ready to sell.

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