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The Metro Exchange is the place to start if you are looking for a business for sale.

Metro Business Advisors, via The Metro Exchange, connects quality buyers with committed, quality sellers, dramatically improving the efficiency of the process and the probability of a successful transition. Our mission is to professionally market and sell quality businesses.

With integrity as our foundation, our professional business brokers in St. Louis strive to match the needs of buyers with sellers who understand the true market value of their businesses.

The Metro Exchange works with owner-entrepreneurs, as well as investors looking for investment opportunities. We represent only solid business opportunities; our reputation is invested in every transaction.

Using our extensive marketing and networking capacity, we identify and qualify buyers, noting their purchase requirements and financial capacity.

As business owners ourselves, we understand cash flow and market opportunity. To that end, The Metro Exchange only collaborates with quality buyers with the resources to successfully complete a transaction. We believe that win-win transactions result between educated sellers and quality buyers.

We are M&A Advisors for Small Businesses

The Metro Exchange focuses on businesses with up to $20 million in sales and/or $ 400,000 to $2,000,000 in Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE) or Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA). Typically we represent businesses for sale in Missouri, Illinois and across the Midwest.

We also work with several banks in the area who are SBA funding providers and we are happy to introduce you to these professional contacts.

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More About Buying A Business

Business continuity is based on successful transitions and mutually beneficial terms for the buyer and seller

With a focus on integrity, The Metro Exchange connects small business sellers and buyers.

Ready to buy a business? The Metro Exchange can introduce you to sellers of quality small businesses.

The M&A advisors of the Metro Exchange investigate the feasibility of a match between potential sellers and potential buyers without identifying the parties until interest is confirmed and confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements are signed. If there is a possible match based on mutual objectives, revenue, and  earnings, we begin the process of confidential introductions and preliminary discussions. Once the two parties have agreed to proceed, the buying/selling process begins in earnest.

Trust Metro Business Advisors to represent your interests with honesty and confidentiality; our integrity is our strongest asset.

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Diagnostic Imaging Facility

S-2346St. Louis, Missouri Gross Revenue: $665,000 three-year average                                  Type of Sale: Asset Sale# of employees: 7         Business Description: This

Self-Service Car Washes for Sale

These two profitable car washes, located in Berkeley and the UMSL area of unincorporated St Louis County, Missouri, are

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All M&A advisors at Metro hold a real estate license, so we can seamlessly sell your commercial property within the transaction