You only exit your business once…(audio)

…there’s no time for mistakes

Business owners are used to doing whatever needs to be done, largely on their own. But planning for and completing the transition out of your business is unlike anything else you have ever done.

Don’t try to go it alone when you exit your business – you need professional advice while you continue to run your business. Some business brokers function as little more than real estate agents for businesses. After all of your hard work building your business, you deserve better. Metro takes a much different approach – we get to know the owner(s) and the company, then craft a plan to sell your business based on your specific goals and situation.

We focus on relationships, not transactions.

Dave Driscoll explains why you NEED an experienced advisor when you want to exit your business…in his interview with Ron Ameln of the Smart Biz Show...

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Transcript of this segment:

Dave: Everything I do in Metro is basically learned from mistakes that I have made along the way of owning a business, and with the realization that business owners will only do this once.

Ron: Right, right.

Dave: They have been the master of their own destiny, the captain of their ship, their whole career and they are getting into something they have never done before, and they are going to want to try to control the situation…but you do not have time to learn, you do not have time to make mistakes.

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