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Increasing value for your business in St. Louis

COVID-19: How your company was affected will impact your value

Businesses will be valued using a combination of business performance and future risk, with an eye toward the ability of the business to weather short-term crises.
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COVID-19 pandemic

How to preserve your company’s market value post-COVID-19

Historic operational and financial performance are the foundation for determining the value of most businesses. Owners should take two important steps to defend future business value after the pandemic.
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owner planning

Business owners, this is the time to consider your options

Businesses in distressed situations are at a fork in the road that will define the future for their owners. Use this time to realistically consider your alternatives to address the struggles the business faced before the COVID-19 crisis.
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how do i start a business

The transition assistance period defined in an LOI is critical

The transition assistance period defines how long the seller will remain after the sale to assist the buyer in understanding the operation of the business. This is a significant element of an LOI.
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St. Louis Small Business Monthly

Buying an existing business? Keys to a successful transition

By Dave Driscoll Last month I shared what it takes to start your own business. Sometimes, buying an existing business is a wiser decision. You can avoid significant infrastructure start-up costs, have a built-in trained workforce, and inherit an established customer base – all in all, a good foundation for success. There are several keys…
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Ready to start a business?

From my experience as a business owner, I now recognize several themes and behaviors to be successful...
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