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Generational Clues to Help Guide Successful Business Exits

By Dave DriscollThe emotions surrounding selling your business are certainly strong regardless of your age, but the economic and social climate in which you grew up impacts how you approach planning for that inevitable event. Considering these generational influences can help provide a more objective perspective toward your business…and your Life After Business.™ Millennials/Generation Y:…
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Meeting With Business Owners thinking about exiting your company

How do you plan for the unexpected in business?

A well-thought-out crisis plan provides a business with guidance for crucial aspects in an emergency situation when thinking clearly is difficult.
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Our business brokers coordinate with all your advisors to meet your goals

Distressed Business Sales

When your best option is an orderly wind down of the business By Dave Driscoll Business value is determined by three dominate factors: the free cash flow created by the enterprise, historical and forecasted performance, and the underlying market value of the tangible assets used to create cash flow and performance. When all three factors…
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essential businesses

3 considerations for buying an essential business

We are in a buyer’s market for essential businesses. First-time buyers may struggle regarding where to start as they consider a purchase.
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Increasing value for your business in St. Louis

COVID-19: How your company was affected will impact your value

Businesses will be valued using a combination of business performance and future risk, with an eye toward the ability of the business to weather short-term crises.
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COVID-19 pandemic

How to preserve your company’s market value post-COVID-19

Historic operational and financial performance are the foundation for determining the value of most businesses. Owners should take two important steps to defend future business value after the pandemic.
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