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Business Owners: you can’t sell value that you can’t prove!

Business valuations are based on historical earnings. If the business shows no earnings, the business is not worth much more than the liquidation value of its assets, so maintaining accurate records to reconstruct the business’ cash flow is critical to maximize the eventual selling price.
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Time to revise your succession plan

An important aspect of succession planning that is often overlooked is reviewing and revising the plan regularly.
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What is the value of my business?

Once more for the owners in the back of the room…

Business owners who do not, will not, or cannot use their financials for guidance will become one of the 75% that do not successfully sell. By Dave Driscoll This fact came to mind (again) after reading the article “How well do you know your numbers? How to use your financials as a competitive edge to…
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New business owner? Now is the time to plan to sell your business

By Dave Driscoll Becoming a business owner is not entirely different than becoming a new parent…you have a nearly-desperate need to protect the new addition, you are full of excitement about the future, and equally exhausted by the late hours, lost sleep, and worry. Simply put, you are experiencing the euphoria of new love. At…
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Alert to Business Buyers: Cooperate with Brokers’ Responsibility to Protect the Seller!

By Dave Driscoll A business broker’s responsibility is to protect each seller’s proprietary and financial information, along with the integrity of the business’ operations. A breach in that responsibility places the company in jeopardy of loss of business and value. Reputable brokerages protect seller’s interests by requiring prospective buyers to conform to a rigid process…
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Brokers to sell your business

Generational Clues to Help Guide Successful Business Exits

By Dave DriscollThe emotions surrounding selling your business are certainly strong regardless of your age, but the economic and social climate in which you grew up impacts how you approach planning for that inevitable event. Considering these generational influences can help provide a more objective perspective toward your business…and your Life After Business.™ Millennials/Generation Y:…
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