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Small business owners, we’ve written these blogs to offer a bit of advice during these challenging times:

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St. Louis Small Business COVID-19 resources

SBA Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources


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Are you considering selling your business for one of these reasons?


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Business Partner Differences


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Metro’s process is a customized, comprehensive, multi-phased approach to the sale of your business.

Our process is not a “one size fits all” process for you or us!

Some brokers in the St. Louis area will list companies for no fee. Their model is to post business listings on their Internet site and hope an interested person finds your business and inquiries.

However, Metro does not employ that model when it comes to selling your company.


Instead, we are M&A advisors who are proactive in the development of marketing and financial information to position your business, secure prospects, and work with you in negotiating the terms and closing the sale.

Metro Business Advisors is a member of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA)

Additionally, we stay on top of industry trends, news, and resources through membership in International Business Brokers Association, Inc. (IBBA) and are active in the establishment of Mid-America Business Broker Association (MABBA).

Metro Business Advisors is a boutique firm located in St. Louis, Missouri that provides services to small business owners looking to sell their business confidentially for the most profitable selling price.



  • Experience In Selling and Buying Companies

    • MBA Professionals Know How To Close A Transaction
  • Entrepreneurs Are Your Advisors

    • Our advisors are past and current business owners
  • Proactive Avoidance of Road Blocks

    • Foreshadowing and preventing "Deal Killers" before they happen
  • Proven Process

    • Systems that result in closings
  • Large Center Of Influence

    • Our advisors & brokers have built relationships with banks, buyers, and other service providers

Are You Someone Looking To Buy A Company?

Our Services

Maximizing the financial rewards of the sale while maintaining strict confidentiality is our specialty. Understanding how the sale of your company integrates into your overall plan for your Life Beyond Business™ is essential.

  • The Plan
  • The Process
  • Your Prospects
  • What If I Have A Buyer?

With integrity as our foundation, our professional M&A Advisors in St. Louis strive to match the needs of buyers with sellers who understand the true market value of their company.

  • The Plan
  • The Process
  • Buyer Representation?

Our market valuation calculation is an affordable, comprehensive, objective assessment based on multiple methods and industry statistics. Find out what your company is really worth.

  • The Plan
  • The Process
  • Valuation Types

Do you really want to leave your future financial security to chance? Succession planning can be an overwhelming process; business owners need a competent advisor to maximize your success.

Getting the financing or an SBA loan to acquire a business can be a very difficult process.  Our advisors can help consult you in finding the right type of funding to buy a company, expansion or debt services. 

“Chris you were a champ being caught between the immovable object and irresistible force.  Great job. Thanks so much.  Happy New Year.”

Glenn (Buyer)

“Chris, we wanted to say thank you. You've been superb in doing business with, We've already mentioned you to others and will definitely continue to do so. "

Carl and Lori - Seller

“Selling my business seemed overwhelming, so I was relieved that my business broker, Dave Driscoll, helped me through each step of the process. He was a business owner, too, so he knew what I was going through. I was able to focus on my business, knowing everything was being taken care of behind the scenes. From the business valuation through marketing the business, all the way through closing the sale and transitioning, the professionals at Metro Business Advisors set realistic expectations and kept my future in mind.”

Karen Zaborac
Former Business Owner

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