Metro Business Advisors is a boutique firm located in St. Louis, Missouri that provides services to small business owners looking to sell their business confidentially for the most profitable selling price. 



Helping Business Owners  Since 2009



  • Experience In Selling and Buying Companies

    • MBA Professionals Know How To Close A Transaction
  • Entrepreneurs Are Your Advisors

    • Our advisors are past and current business owners
  • Proactive Avoidance of Road Blocks

    • Foreshadowing and preventing "Deal Killers" before they happen
  • Proven Process

    • Systems that result in closings
  • Large Center Of Influence

    • Our advisors & brokers have built relationships with banks, buyers, and other service providers
M&A Advisors in St. Louis mo can help you sell your company

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  • Inventory… Don’t be shocked when Selling Your Business!
    By Dave Driscoll Small business owners seem to have an aversion to inventory: they don’t like to count it, deal with it, and frequently don’t realize how much value they have invested in it. As business brokers, we encounter this phenomenon too often. Owners routinely minimize the importance of inventory value when listing the businesses… […]

Our Services

Selling A Company
Buying A Business
Valuation Services
Succesion Planning
Selling A Company

Maximizing the financial rewards of the sale while maintaining strict confidentiality is our specialty. Understanding how the sale of your company integrates into your overall plan for your Life Beyond Business™ is essential.

  • The Plan
  • The Process
  • Your Prospects
  • What If I Have A Buyer?
Buying A Business

With integrity as our foundation, our professional M&A Advisors in St. Louis strive to match the needs of buyers with sellers who understand the true market value of their company.

  • The Plan
  • The Process
  • Buyer Representation?
Valuation Services

Our market valuation calculation is an affordable, comprehensive, objective assessment based on multiple methods and industry statistics. Find out what your company is really worth.

  • The Plan
  • The Process
  • Valuation Types
Succesion Planning

Do you really want to leave your future financial security to chance? Succession planning can be an overwhelming process; business owners need a competent advisor to maximize your success.


Getting the financing or an SBA loan to acquire a business can be a very difficult process.  Our advisors can help consult you in finding the right type of funding to buy a company, expansion or debt services. 

Our M&A Advisors In St. Louis Have Invaluable Experience When It Comes To Selling A Company

Metro’s process is a customized, comprehensive, multi-phased approach to the sale of your business.

Our process is not a “one size fits all” process for you or us!

Some brokers in the St. Louis area will list companies for no fee. Their model is to post business listings on their Internet site and hope an interested person finds your business and inquiries.

However, Metro does not employ that model when it comes to selling your company.

Instead, we are M&A advisors who are proactive in the development of marketing and financial information to position your business, secure prospects, and work with you in negotiating the terms and closing the sale.

Are You Someone Looking To Buy A Company?


Transferring your business to family or key employees? You still NEED exit planning.

Exit/Succession planning is NOT just for Owners transferring your Business to a third party EVERY business owner needs to make succession planning a priority to ensure a smooth transition when the time is right. Yes, even if you are transferring the business to a family member or to a key employee. Transferring your business is a complicated process…we…
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What You Can Learn From My Mistakes As A Business Owner

By Dave Driscoll Recently a prospective seller asked what mistakes I had made as a business owner, specifically relating to the sale of my business. I settled on these three big mistakes: I thought I could control the timing of when I wanted to get out of the business. I didn’t seek advice from folks…
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Run your business to sell!

You never know when you may want to Sell your Business Most business owners share a common dream… You work hard over many years building the business –  sweating, planning, risking it all – until that perfect day…the day you are ready to sell, when the ideal buyer rides up on a white horse, hands you a…
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